The Vampire Diaries Tours

Main Street Trolleys offers many tours, but only 2 that covers The Vampire Dairies Series filming locations. They are the Covington Movie Tour, and The Epic Tour. This page is to help you understand the difference in both tours.


Please note each tour shows different filming locations and do not overlap.

The Covington Movie Tour 

along with other filming locations you will also go to:

  • Matt & Vickie’s house
  • MG’s house
  • Rebekahs house
  • Grams house
  • Isobels house
  • Elenas house
  • Carolines house
  • The Delena rain kiss scene
  • The 1864 Lockwood mansion
  • The new Lockwood mansion
  • Doppelgänger dream house
  • & many other locations

The Epic Tour

This tour visits locations of the TVD series you can’t see on any tour in Covington like:

  • Dean’s Garage
  • Jo and Alaric’s wedding venue
  • Enzo’s death
  • Tomb Vampire House
  • The Murder House
  • Aurora’s house
  • Maxwell’s garage
  • Hallow house
  • Cupids bar
  • Keelan & Freya’s wedding venue
  • Bells Grocery
  • Filming location of the Originals
  • and much more
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