"Hello Brother" Tour

Are you Sired to Damon? 


Are you Sired to Stefan?

Join us as we track the whereabouts of the brothers on this special Tour, on this special weekend. As we take a trip to the Other Side.

You will see:

House where Hayley Died

Park used as Jackson Square

1864 Flashback Salvatore Mansion TVD/The Plantation House, The Originals

Katherine and Stefan’s Hedge Maze

Old farmhouse where Marcel’s bio dad shot him, and Klaus changed him

Elena’s Car Crash Site

Airport where Reyna stabbed Stefan into the phoenix stone

Murder House

Whitmore College

Bree’s Bar

1864 Lockwood Mansion

Aurora’s House

Rebekah’s House

Tomb Vampire House/Bonnie’s NY house

Freya and Keelan’s wedding site

Jo and Alaric’s wedding venue

1994 Prison World Hospital

Elena’s House

Caroline’s House

Tickets are $125.00 per person

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