Epic Tour

Epic Tour

This tour is truly EPIC! A vampire’s fan must do! Travel the outskirts of Covington, Georgia to various filming locations. MANY of these locations are exclusive to Main Street Trolleys and Tours, and may only be accessed on this tour.

Murder House

Aurora’s House

Tomb Vampires House

Bonnie’s NY House (Enzo’s death and where Elena’s coffin was kept)

Freya and Keelan’s wedding location

Jo and Alaric’s Wedding Venue

Several TVD, The Originals, and Legacies film locations in a neighboring town.

Dowager Fauline Cottage

With many… many… photo ops and stories along the way.

Jo and Alaric's Wedding venue
Tomb Vampire house
Where the witches prepare their float for Mardi Gras
Scene from the Originals
Scene from the Originals
Dean's Garage
Where Stefan worked
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Tickets are $55.00 per person

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