Private Tour

Take the Ultimate TVD tour.  You and your intimate party will enjoy the following locations!

(please note: the tour can run close to 4 hours.)

Where We Take You:

  1. The House Where Hayley died.
  2. Jackson Square.
  3. 1864 Salvatore Mansion
  4. Josephine LaRue’s House
  5. Murder House
  6. The Salvatore Boarding School (We get off and take pictures at the gate, providing there is not an event at the time)
  7. Bree’s Bar/Damon’s near ‘final’ death fight scene
  8. Jo and Alaric’s wedding venue
  9. Bonnie and Enzo’s NY house/Enzo’s death scene
  10. Tomb Vampire House
  11. Keelan & Freya’s wedding venue.
  12. Doppleganger Dream House
  13. Caroline’s House¬†
  14. Elena’s House
  15. Delena Rain Kiss

$600.00 1 to 5 guest 

$125.00 for each additional guest up to 26 guest.

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