Covington Movie Tour

Explore over 40 filming locations on live sets of your favorite movie and shows. Stand where Carrol O’Conner stood while being the Chief of Police in Sparta. See where the Duke boys jumped the General Lee in the opening of Dukes of Hazzard. See the houses used in Vampire Diaries, reenact the famous “Delena Rainkiss”, hear the backstories from filming. Learn what makes Covington so Historic. Hear the history and visit some of the oldest homes in the town. You might even get a little spooked from a few ghost stories along the way. 

Salvatore Medical Practice
Ms. Cuddles favorite resting spot
1864 Lockwood Mansion
Swing with Ms. Cuddles
Damon and Elena’s Rain Kiss
Share a special moment with Ms. Cuddles
Gram's House
Do some gardening with Ms. Cuddles
The Witches' House
Hide with Ms. Cuddles
Hot Times in Sparta
Catching some heat from the Sparta Police
Racing the Dukes
We got a little more under the hood
The Corner Spa
Rub out the kinks Sweet Magnolias style with Ms. Cuddles
Maddie's House
Sweet Magnolias.
Rob Zombie
Halloween House
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Tickets are $50.00 per person

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